1.1 Participants can book a place for the Event through the Event’s official website ( or by e-mailing ISC Administration Office ( and asking for the registration form.

1.2 No formal booking acknowledgement will be sent by ISC Administration Office upon completion of the registration process, unless explicitly requested by Participants (by writing an e-mail to It is Participants' responsibility to keep a copy of the payment receipt, as a written confirmation of the booking (to be shown at the entrance of the Conference Centre, if requested).

1.3 If, during the online registration process, Participants select “direct bank transfer” as their preferred method of payment, the booking process will not be completed until they send ISC Administration Office a copy of the bank transfer receipt. The latter will have to be kept as a proof of registration to the Event (to be shown at the entrance of the Conference Centre, if requested).

1.4 It is Participants' responsibility to update ISC Ltd in respect of any change to their contact details, so that ISC Ltd is able to contact the Participant regarding the Event.


2.1 The registration fee to attend the Event is per person and will vary according to the options selected by Participants during the booking process.

2.2 The price includes all the 3-day Event as well as a full access to the Speaker's didactic materials. Lunches and coffee breaks are not included in the registration fee and will not be provided by ISC.


3.1 Payment in full must be received and cleared before the start of the Event. ISC Ltd accepts payment by bank transfer, PayPal, or credit card, as indicated during the booking process.

3.2 ISC Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission for any failure by a Participant to pay fees for the Event prior to the start of the Event.

3.3 Online payments will be taken and managed by ISC Ltd in partnership with our merchant banks. Online payments are taken via a secure payment system maintained by our merchant facilities.

Venue and content of event

4.1 ISC Ltd reserves the right to run the Event at a different Venue to the one specified on the website when necessary. If this is the case ISC Ltd will inform Participants as soon as possible and provide information about the revised Venue, and Participants shall not be entitled to any refund.

4.2 Any opinions expressed by speakers at any Event are their own and not necessarily those of ISC Ltd.

4.3 ISC Ltd shall endeavour to ensure that the published program of an Event is provided. However, ISC Ltd reserves the right to alter the published program, dates and speakers according to circumstances. ISC Ltd shall not be liable to the Participant in respect of such changes, and the Participant shall not be entitled to any refund.


5.1ISC Ltd reserves the right to cancel an Event for any reason prior to the start of the Event.  In the event of cancellation by ISC Ltd, Participants will be notified and a full refund of all fees will be made. 

5.2In the event of cancellation by a Participant, cancellation fees will be due as follows: if cancellation is formally notified by e-mail and confirmed by ISC Administration Office by May 31st, the Participant will be entitled to a 50% refund of the registration fee. No reimbursement will be allowed for cancellations after the above-mentioned date.

Personal belongings

6.1 Personal belongings and items belonging to or in the possession of the Participant brought onto the Venue are the sole responsibility of the owner. ISC Ltd accepts no responsibility for such items and shall not be liable for any claims arising from loss or damage to such items, howsoever caused.

6.2 Participants using the car parking facilities at the Venue do so entirely at their own risk. ISC Ltd accepts no responsibility for damage, accident or loss resulting from such use, howsoever caused.

Force majeure

7.1 ISC Ltd will not be liable for any failure or delay in the delivery of the Event which is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


8.1 ISC Ltd reserves all rights in the content of the Event and the relevant Materials. By registering to the Event, Participants acknowledge that all rights in the content of the Event and its relevant Materials shall be owned by ISC Ltd and that in attending the Event Participants will obtain any rights whatsoever in such content or Materials.

8.2 Participants agree not to reproduce, sell, hire or copy Materials (in whole or part) and not to use such Materials except for the purpose of post Event references.

Data protection and recording

9.1 Details of each Participant will be added to the ISC Ltd database in order to process your booking and so that ISC Ltd can keep you up to date with services it offers. All data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 [and ISC Ltd’s data protection policy].

9.2 Photo and video footage may be taken at the Event for promotional and education purposes. In agreeing to these terms and conditions Participants hereby consent to being recorded at the Event and to the use of the resulting material by ISC Ltd.